Roczen for businesses

Upgrade your employee health like never before. Our platform provides easy and convenient access to clinicians, mentors, health resources and more. Roczenkeeps employees healthy, happy and motivated.

How Roczen Works

Create a custom care plan

Members work with their Roczen clinician to set a personalised care plan based on their lifestyle, biometrics, and schedule.

Cultivate Ongoing Relationships

Our members work with the same clinician and mentor each time they log into Roczen. Roczen clinicians and mentors guide members through their customised plans with ongoing support.

Stay on Course

Members work with programme mentors to stay motivated and on track. Mentors support our members with the tools and insights they learned to successfully complete the programme.

What does Roczen offer?

Depending on your needs and the nature of your business, Reset Health offers the Roczen platform of technology and clinicians in different ways. Whether you are interested in launching Roczen in your own country, would like it for your company as an employee offering or would like to white-label it, many options are available. If you are interested, please contact us using the button below

I want to offer Roczen at my company

Managing the health of employees is imperative. Healthier employees work harder and give more. Roczen takes the weight off your shoulders and manages this for you.

Can I partner with Reset Health and Roczen?

Building good relationships and partnerships is imperative in upgrading the health of a growing population. The future is looking bright with all the new research and technology out there. Reach out to us if you think you would be a good fit for our organisation.

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