Managing Type 2 Diabetes

537 million people across the world are living with diabetes, causing almost US$1 trillion in health expenditures. Type 2 diabetes causes a large number of other conditions. Reset Health helps companies, healthcare systems and other organisations to better manage this condition and make people healthier and happier.

Our Goals For Diabetic Populations

Reverse Diabetes

Our target is to reverse Type 2 Diabetes and the symptoms that people living with this condition endure.

Titrate off medications

Our target is to titrate patients off their medications where this makes medical sense. We have found that with our programme many of our patients reduce or totally eliminate the need for a wide range of medications.

Sustained success

Our target is to produce sustained results. Type 2 diabetes is an outcome of a metabolic syndrome. We address the core drivers of this syndrome with a target of eliminating type 2 diabetes and then to continually improve our patients’ health through our programme.

How we manage Type 2 diabetes with RoczenTM

Team-based online Project Management driven by relationships


We track certain metrics to assess the results of our patients. From HbA1c, weight and waist circumference to anxiety and depression scores.


Based on each patient’s individual health history and biometrics we develop a personalised care plan for them.


Everyone has different goals to reach and challenges to overcome. We consider our patients’ working schedules, social and family lives to create the best plan for them and closely monitor each person to change the plan as things change.


Having clinicians and mentors always available to communicate with through the patients’ mobile phones means that our patients get the help that they need, when they need it to keep them on track.

Accessible expertise from trusted clinicians and mentors


With the Roczen app our clinical team is accessible anytime and anywhere. And everything is recorded and remembered so that important things are not forgotten.


Our clinicians, nutritionists and doctors specialise in diabetes, endocrinology and metabolic syndrome. They are continually being trained in the latest evidence based processes and procedures.

Practical wisdom from peers


Roczen matches patients up with mentors who have successfully navigated their own diabetes journey. Mentors offer patients practical, everyday advice that works.


Our mentors are here to support our clinicians too. They bring a community approach to our programme so that trusted relationships are grown and nurtured.

Effective Education


Research has shown that patients forget what clinicians say to them when they meet up. Our communication, using Roczen, is all stored for patients to look at whenever they want to go back over something. This means that our patients truly understand their symptoms, their care plan and everything that they are told by our clinical team and mentors.


We provide useful medical and lifestyle information which our patients can access whenever they like. Many people like the healthy and tasty recipes, others use the movement videos and the daily tips and hacks to add to their healthy lifestyles.

The research that guides us


Source: Clinical Services Evaluation, February 2022

Blood sugar


in hbA1c

Weight loss


lost in 24

Weight loss


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What Our Clients Think

“I am 4 weeks into the programme and I’ve already lost 4kg. I am so happy”

Thomas, NHS

"For much of my life I think my anxiety has been linked to my experience with my eating and that’s really changed now - I feel way less anxious"

Melissa, TFL

"I'm not snacking anymore and found it easy to adapt for my night shifts which was something that worried me"

Robert, NHS

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