We manage chronic conditions using our patent pending platform Roczen™

Reset Health has turned chronic care delivery on its head using our own clinicians, engaged mentors and mobile technology. Starting with type 2 diabetes, overweight and obesity, Reset Health is helping patients living with these conditions to be healthier and happier.

Our Mission & Vision

To optimise the health and lifespan of people all over the world, using smart people and technology to deliver the best service and medical outcomes.

We will care for people with debilitating chronic diseases in an engaging and scaleable way with innovative products and services. Our clinical team will be inspired to engage patients using the most impactful evidence-based protocols. We will transform our patients' lives for the better.

What is Reset Health?

Our Care Model

Medical Group

Reset Health takes pride in hiring and training our own in-house clinicians who manage patients with chronic conditions to make them as healthy as possible.


Our Roczen platform has all the tools to enable effective communication between clinicians and patients including messaging, calls and video, progress tracking and online learning.

Our Medical Team

Prof. Barbara McGowan
Chief Medical Officer

Professor at King's College London. Research and Development lead for the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Nutrition and Obesity at Guy's and St Thomas'. PhD from Imperial College. Degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University.

Dr. Danielle Eaton
Lead Clinician

Danielle is Reset Health’s Clinical Lead and a practicing GP specialising in mental health, diabetes and quality improvement initiatives. With 11 years clinical experience, she brings Digital Health expertise to the team.

Dr. Jonathan Kwan MBE
Medical Advisory Board

Consultant Nephrologist & Divisional Medical Director, Darent Valley Hospital and visiting consultant Nephrologist at King's College, London. Extensive clinical experience in kidney disease and diabetes. Formerly Medical Director, Epsom & St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust.

Assoc Prof. Dipesh Patel
Medical Advisory Board

Associate Professor, Leading Consultant Specialist in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Royal Free NHS Trust. Senior Lecturer and Principle Investigator at University College London. PhD from Imperial College for cholesterol in diabetes.

We deliver online care for all and in-clinic care where necessary.

Chronic care is best managed with frequent and timely interactions through the Roczen platform. Patients access care with our clinicians and mentors through our app, which is available on both the App Store and Play Store. Sometimes we also need to meet up with patients and so we also offer clinical appointments in our clinics - but these are the exception, not the rule.

Patients build a relationship with their clinician

Our doctors and nurses use medical protocols which are led by trusted medical research and insights from our own data, managing people with chronic conditions in many different settings with different challenges and mindsets.

We find that the key to achieving great health results is to facilitate personal relationships between our clinicians and our patients. Technology makes us scaleable, but personal relationships make us human.

and mentors bring something special

Once our patients have been successful they often want to give back by helping other patients to achieve the health outcomes that they have enjoyed. We train our mentors to help and support patients on our Roczen platform. 

We have found that mentors make our patients happier and more likely to achieve great outcomes having someone just like them to reach out to whenever they need to. 

Mentors gain a lot from both helping others to get and stay healthy and by reminding themselves about the daily activities that keep them the best they can be. 

We care for individuals, families, groups and communities

We impact peoples’ daily lives to make them healthier and happier. This means that families get healthier and happier, workplaces become better places to work and people are more productive. Sometimes we get to work with whole communities to change everyones’ lives for the better -  imagine everyone, every day getting healthier - we do!

What our members get

Easy Access

To expertise, guidance and support from their clinician and mentor

Sustained engagement

Through trusted teams, useful tools and interesting content.

Care that works

Through tailored and customised systems that are built for them.

What our clinicians get

Authentic Relationships

Being only a message, phone or video call away, relationships are nurtured and trust is built over time.

Far less repetitive tasks

Which allows clinicians to care for far more patients and to gain experience and success in managing patients in new, modern ways

Better outcomes

By challenging “the way it has always been done”, we get better outcomes than the healthcare of the past. And we commit to get better every day.

What our clients get

Better care at a better price

The Roczen platform manages more patients, more effectively at a lower price.

An upgraded care model

We believe that the future of healthcare is online-first. And the future is now.

Healthier Employees

Employers are realising that chronic disease is causing big problems today in how their employees feel and how they perform. Reset Health’s Roczen platform is a game changer for employers wanting engaged, healthy and productive teams.

Our Clients

Where We Operate

Reset Health South East Asia
Reset Health Caribbean
Reset Health UK

Our Leadership


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Our Leadership

Our global leadership team are experienced entrepreneurs and operators from medicine, healthcare and technology.

David Wong
Prof. Barbara McGowan
Chief Medical Officer
Grant Harrison
Chief Strategy Officer
Jay Parkinson
Chief Product Officer
Brian Timmons
Chief Finance Officer
Oliver McGuinness
Chief Operations Officer
Andrew Liles
Chief Technology Officer
Ling Chow
Operations Director
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